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A student’s learning experience is impacted by the classroom design around them. Basic things such as classroom lighting, the colour of the room, the air quality, the layout and the quality of the furniture all affect students. In the 21st century, more and more teachers are seeking a classroom layout that promotes collaboration among students.

From primary school to university, students need an environment that is comfortable and adaptable to their changing needs. When children and students spend 6+ hours of their day in dull and uncomfortable environments, it doesn’t make for the most inspired individuals. In order to achieve high levels of student engagement, the environment should be ergonomically and thoughtfully designed. In XICS, the classrooms fulfill all the necessary CBSE norms such as Flexible Classroom Design, Classroom Decoration and Ergonomics In the Classroom.

 The class rooms are spacious, well-lighted, large and airy and provide the most conducive atmosphere for learning. The children and teachers take keen interest in maintaining cleanliness and decoration of their classrooms.

Many class rooms are fitted with interactive boards and networking facilities. Lessons are delivered through use of advanced technology including LCD projectors, Laptops etc to make the lessons more informative, interactive and interesting.

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Xion International Convent School Affiliated in year 2003 believes that geniuses are not born they are created and with its motto it is moving on its path of success.

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