I would like to pen down my feeling with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The editorial staff have been doing praiseworthy job in building up this issue of magazine in spite of their busy schedule.

We must keep in mind that learning is a constant and continuous journey. Many people keep the feeling that when they reach a certain point in attainment of a particular objective, they have succeeded, in the sense thar they are nothing more to do. But it is not a fact. New aims, New plans, New success and New attempts are necessary to life and there objectives which make it worthwhile. Small goals should be made to achieve sooner and also we should open the way for larger aims in life, as a person learns to experience the feelings of success. “In the pilfrimage of constant and continuous learning, let us all move together towards Ever-widening horizon.”


Being a part ofMrs Sanehlata Sharma Xion International Convent School, I feel proud to see that our school is emerging like pole star among ordinary stars.

We educators of 21st century should create the atmosphere of sincerity, devotion and reverence among the students. We are committed to reframe and chisel these young nation builders into a confident, hardworking, honest and strong who are capable to take up the reins of our country and         make it one of the top nations in the world.

I would feel glad to congratulate editorial staff of the magazine committee, who has gone for continuous efforts to develop ideological frame through their analytical and intellectual ideas. And its their collective efforts, sincere dedication who take this issue of XENIUM to the pinnacle of glory. We have reached the milestone of achievements and xionites are pledged to maintain this place.


According to my opinion real secret of success lies not in satisfying your present but to look forward, always with ever lasting efforts and seeing with new eyes and confidence. Its our students patronage that has helped us to cross many milestones of success. The world of education is limitless like a vast sea which contains never ending waves of talent and confidence.

We are approaching to a new millennium era which has changed learning from teacher centered to child centered. We are supposed to elaborate out education to create a perfect nation builder. School is always committed to inculcate disciplinary, patriotic and moral values among student. From the very beginning we are cultivating student along with their good character and thought provoking ideas. However, we must bear in mind that learning is a constant and continuous journey. In this pilgrimage, let us all move together towards “Ever-widening Horizon” wishing all of you still greater heights.

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Managing Director

Education is a tool whose effect depends on who hold it in his hands and at whom it is aimed. Children  are like a clay. whatever  falls on them makes an impression. With the changing educational scenario, the need of the hour is to create an environment where knowledge is imparted in such a way that it will be absorbed, remembered and eventually improved. Xion international  convent school takes this awesome responsibility  of passing on the knowledge to each generation not only for today or tomorrow but for all times to come. My congratulations, to the participants, those who have contributed their rticles, picture, cartoons etc. The editorial team’s guidance to come out gloriously through the articles of this magazine Xenium ( Devine Gift) is appreciable.

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